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  • Looking for leads to convert to sales?

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Made To Sell

We develop websites that will deliver your messsage in a clean fashion to convert more of your traffic into paying customers.

Works on All Devices

Your Website will be built to work on every device you are viewing from. allowing for views across all smart phones and Tablets

Looks Great

Your business is valuable and that should be reflected on your website, not only will your website work great but also look great too.

Your Website is Costing you Money

Your website costing you money in lost opportunity. Instead, design a site with the latest trends, Apple, Uber, and Tesla use to create actual results. The top Forbes 500 companies make millions of dollars using the same framework Modern Wave uses to build websites. But, how do you know if your site is confusing? The answer is to schedule a consultation and hire us to get the job done.


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What our customers are saying…

Modern Wave Creative has worked with a diverse clientele, from small businesses to large corporations and everything in between.

Best Websites!

“If you a looking for a web design company, look no further. These guys know what they are doing, they are very creative and will make your company look like a million dollars.”
– Patrick D

Websites that drive real sales

“Great team, very organized and creative. They are fun to work with, and they deliver a great product.”
– Jose N

Results were delivered

“Build your online presence Modern Wave is the best. If you are looking for a new website or online marketing, they will be able to deliver results promptly. Highly recommended.”
– Frank D


  • Wordpress
  • Banner Video
  • Portfolio Setup
  • Simplify Message
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  • Shopify
  • Banner Video
  • Shopping Cart Setup
  • Simplify Message
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